MIT: Clay

16th February 2017 (7pm)

On Thursday, 16th of February we celebrate CLAY – an ancient material, used by humans all over the planet for millennia to create tools for eating, storage and survival. It’s an under-celebrated, abundantly used material that all of us have had contact with.

It’s central to the origins of human civilisations, making and industry, and it comes from the earth. Additionally, it’s presence (if discovered) on another planet indicates that at some point in that planet’s history there way running water. From bricks, to sculptures, vessels and plates, clay tells us about ancient life-styles and builds future ones; moulded by our hands clay is made unimaginably functional, and with our imagination we continue to find new ways of using it.


DISCOVER CLAY through clay-relief printing workshop with The Clayground Collective who will begin the evening at 7pm sharp, and a discussion about clay and humans; followed by a talk from Dr Javier Cuadros (researcher from the Natural History Museum Department of Earth Sciences) who will explain how clay is formed in the earth, describing the chemistry of it’s formation and what it’s presence on another planet (such as Mars) means. Lastly, a researcher selected by The Pietrie Museum UCL will illustrate the ways in which clay had played a central role to civilisations across the planet and throughout time, discussing the anthropological aspect of this humble material.

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THECUBE is a coworking space established in 2009 in Shoreditch East London. From the start, Art has been an integral part of our programme. We wanted our members to work in a functioning gallery, where they would be exposed to young artists as well as interesting cultural events. This is the second time we are hosting Jennifer Crouch and are excited to continue to support her work as both an artist and scientist.