MIT: Climate, Community, Conflict

20th January 2017 (6.30pm)

Changes in geopolitical and environmental dynamics of the world give rise to new social and political situations which reveal dangerous prejudice, shared concerns; and causes for protest. On Friday the 20th we will be exploring relationships between climate, conflict and community through four very different talks from four different areas relating to these topics.

Our speakers this evening will discuss the relationships between environment and human conflict; resources and campaigning for human rights and for the protection of the environment – indeed, we shall ask why is this important at all and the role of individual and collective action.


  • Rebs Newsom: Greenpeace and environmental activist
  • Graeme McGregor: Human Rights Campaigner
  • Penny Klein: Artists, who took part in Arquetopia residency in Mexico; and political scientist
  • Dr Karen Tucker: Political scientist, Bristol University; The Quipu Project


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