MIT: Climate Science

19th January 2017 (6.30pm)

Much like the Jurassic or Cambrian – all geological eras are marked out by dramatic changes in populations of fauna and flora; drastic changes in geological, atmospheric conditions and sedimentation.

While there is no clear-cut moment from when different eras begin and end, the Anthropocene is a term used to describe our current geological era in which significant geological conditions and processes such as global average temperature; sedimentation and erosion are profoundly altered by human activities.

On Thursday the 19th of January we will explore Climate Science. Two very different speakers will discuss their work surrounding climate change, communication, and share their concerns for the future of the planet as a result of human activity.


  • Dr Michelle Cain: Cambridge Centre for Climate Science
    • She will be discussing her research on greenhouse gases, methane in the Arctic, environmental measurements and computer models
  • Bea Wilson: RCA network; Atlas Collective; Einstein’s Garden
    • She will discuss how Experience Design can help communicate climate science research.

WORKSHOP: Interactive installation with Bea Wilson


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