MIT II – Poison & Remedies

1st March 2018 at 7pm

POISONS AND REMEDIES: Future of Pharmacy 

As pathologies naturally (and by virtue of their own survival) evolve, our modern global pathological landscape fosters curiosity and terror in the public imagination. Featuring superbugs, new strains of viruses, fast traveling disease vectors and the fear of new epidemics, the ever moving goalposts of medicine and global health management in the anthropocene is source of inspiration for many a conspiracy theory and science fiction horror story. 

Many modern medicines are molecules derived or developed from natural sources. We observe molecular warfare between bacteria, plants and fungi in nature – their way of competing for resources and indeed bacteria have been around a lot longer than we have. This ancient molecular warfare has been intercepted and appropriated by human communities across the planet for millennia – in the form of medicine. 

Join us on the 1st of March 2018 when our event will begin with  brief foray into the world’s most well-known medicinal and toxic plants. Explore how our growing knowledge of the bio-molecular environment of bodies, plants and fungi and how this is helping us to understand how we can manage global health in a changing ecology. We will discuss ‘Big Pharma’ in the context of our times, ancient uses of medicinal plants and fungi as well discover how our growing knowledge of plants and fungi is offering new opportunities to medical research. 


Prof Michael Heinrich currently works at the Centre for Pharmacognosy and Phytotherapy, at The School of Pharmacy UCL. Michael does research in Ethnobotany and will be discussing his interdisciplinary ethnobotanical research and how our growing knowledge of plants and fungi is helping to advance medicine. 

Dr Mike England is a Pharmaceutical Physician and he is Medical Director for a Pharmaceutical company. He is responsible for the scientific division of the company. Mike works in the therapy areas of Vaccines, Antibiotics, HIV and Virology, Diabetes and Cardiovascular disease, Immunology and Oncology. Mike also worked for the NHS as a Haematologist for ten years before moving into industry. He originates from Cheshire and lives in west London with his partner. He likes running, writing and his allotment. Mike will discuss his work and describe what processes and protocols are essential in medicine. 


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