MIT: Imaging The Invisible

27th January 2017 (6.30pm)

Continuing with Making In Transit exhibition by physicists and artist Jennifer Crouch, we are hosting a group of great speakers, on 27th January 2017 at 6.30pm.  

Most of our everyday life is invisible, the air we breathe, atoms, and biochemical reactions happening in every cell of your body millions of time a second. How do we observe what we can’t see? Friday the 27th of January, Making in Transit will explore how we create images of the invisible world that surrounds us.

Dr Ben Still (particle physicist and science teacher) will discuss the mysterious subatomic particle -THE NEUTRINO – a tiny particle that barely interacts with mass at all. This makes it very difficult to detect, a neutrino can travel as far as a light-year of lead before knocking into a lead atom, while light will simply bounce off the surface.


  • CABI (Centre for Advanced Biomedical Imaging) (UCL) – Biomedical Imaging
  • Dave Farnham (Wellcome Images Award 2015) – Artist Talk

WORKSHOP: Experimental photography with Lumen Studios


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