MIT: Interdisciplinary Spaces

26th January 2017 (6.30pm)

Continuing with Making In Transit exhibition by physicists and artist Jennifer Crouch, we are hosting a group of great speakers. This time, they will be examining interdisciplinary spaces.

The fact that there is structure as well as genuine ambiguity and mystery in the universe, is something from which both physics and art thrive. While they remain very different in how they are carried out in practice, they both depend on an ability to visualise or conceptualise abstract notions and patterns.

Join Making in Transit on the 26th of January for an evening exploring art and science – how do they really work together and what are the strengths and challenges in bringing them together?


  • Chiara Ambrosio: UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies
  • Daniel Glaser: Science Gallery, Kings College London
  • Silke Lange: Central Saint Martins, UAL
  • Jiggling Atoms:   A multi-disciplinary project exploring the wonders of physics with an emphasis on learning, dialogue, knowledge exchange and collaboration. Three of the five Jiggling Atoms (JA) founders: Natalie Kay-Thatcher, Jennifer Crouch and Dr Ben Still will present past projects and workshops, summarising the life and growth of JA and bring you a participatory demo of their infamous Electrickery workshop.

WORKSHOP: Drawing workshop with Jiggling Atoms, exploring higher dimensions and non-Euclidean geometry.


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