MIT: Neural Networks

16th March 2017 (7pm)

On Thursday the 16th of March at 7pm we invite you to accompany Making in Transit down a rabbit hole that contemplates machine learning, AI and how we are trying to understand how the brain works. How can we really tell what’s going on inside the brain and speculate as to how external stimuli cause us to think and act in different ways? During this event, we will also discuss how technology might change how we live in the future and how it is changing art now. We will discuss utopia/dystopias, whether a Skynet style scenario on the cards and discuss the essential role of statistics and corporeality. It’s going to be weird! Please come!

Peter Latham is one of this evening’s speakers. His work combines analytical approaches — taken mainly from dynamical systems and statistical physics — with large scale simulations of spiking networks. Peter’s research focuses on understanding how biologically realistic networks carry out computations. More specifically, how connectivity and single neuron properties determine the ability of networks to perform computations. How do networks extract only the relevant information from the outside world and transform it into a representation? How do networks retain uncertainty? What aspects of neural activity carries information?

Dario Villanueva is a London-based Data artist and Full stack developer, who obtained a Master of Arts with Honours in Cognitive Science from Edinburgh University. He works as a Developer and Designer for big companies and startups alike, helping bring their data to life through deep and meaningful, yet aesthetically pleasing visualisations. His interests Include Data Art, Music, Games, Human-Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence.

Araceli Camargo is the founder of and lab director for The Centric Lab, which focuses on the relationship between people and the built environment.¬† She holds a master in Neuroscience from King’s College London, where she studied the attentional differences between people with Autism Spectrum Disorder and normative individuals.

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THECUBE London offers a series of free events that are curated under the themes of design, art, science, and technology. This is the second residency by artist and physicists Jennifer Crouch, who is exploring how people navigate through complex and challenging environments.