MIT: Transformation

17th February 2017 (7pm)

Friday 17th of February is the second event exploring the theme of TRANSFORMATION, where we will explore ways of making and knowing that thrive on natural processes, ancient methods and modern technologies. When we make, we transform materials and substances, alter molecular structures, shift perception, alter living space and change geography. Making is the practice of transformation and while making can destroy and divide (landfills and pollution for example), it also saves lives, provides solutions to problems and keeps us safe – indeed, solutions to the current environmental crisis we all face will likely have to be ‘made’.

Natsai Audrey Chizea will discuss her experimental practice and research done as Faber Futures: a London-based design futures research and design studio working in the realm of living technology and biodesign, exploring ideas such as the pigment producing processes of bacteria.

Zachary Eastwood-Bloom (Artist and current Pangolin bronze foundry artist is residence) will talk about the use of technologies both ancient and modern, and his love for making (and pylons).

Seetal Solanki, founder of design consultancy Ma•tt•er will be discussing how materials could be our very saviour to the future of making. By adopting a more universal approach across multiple sectors, materials can be reused, reformed and redesigned with a new purpose.


This evening’s workshop will start the event off at 7pm sharp and be led by Jennifer Crouch. It will explore paper chromatography – an analytical method (that we probably all remember from school) that separates coloured chemicals or substances. It is used in the analysis of chemicals in the air and pigments in food! Learn about why the colours separate out differently, about chromatography today, and create coloured discs and strips to take home using this wonderful and VERY USEFUL method of chemical analysis.

This workshop requires specialist materials and will, therefore, cost a mere £3:99 – a maximum of 20 spaces are available!

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THECUBE is a coworking space established in 2009 in Shoreditch East London. From the start, art has been an integral part of our programme.  Our first partnership was with East End Prints and we collaborated to host Philip Osbourne’s first show.  We wanted our members to work in a functioning gallery, where they would be exposed to young artists as well as interesting cultural events.

For the last 8 years we have provided spaces for young artists to get their career on their way. We have since specialised on artists that bridge science and art.