MIT: UK Polar Network Spring Campaign

17th March 2017 (7pm)

BEHOLD! The absurdity of the sublime; the feeling of insignificance amidst the sheer enormity of the Arctic landscape; human weakness in the wild, the terror and beauty of the Arctic wilderness. Indeed, the Arctic is no place for people! A harsh, difficult and wild place. Join us! For an immersive Arctic experience on Friday the 17th of March at 7pm.

We return to the Arctic Circle to consider the socio-political and emotional aspect of this fragile part of the world. We will bring you smells, sounds and scenes from the arctic, discussing the impact of climate change with the UK Polar Network and participant of the Arctic Circle Residency 2016.

Discover the Arctic’s diversity it’s important role in maintaining our earth’s climate. With an immersive talk from geographer Julia Feuer-Cotter (UK Polar Network) who will discuss geographical realities and imaginings of the Arctic for both the communities of people who inhabit areas of the Arctic and it’s animal residents that live in the wild.

Dr Sammie Buzzard (also from the UKPN) will discuss her research of the Antarctic Peninsula, describing her use of radar to image the Greenland Ice Sheet and climate modelling.

We will also hold a screening and discussion of Arctic Circle participant Jamie Lee (Anjou Bijou) Mohr‘s work “Primordial Games for Lovers” which explores the ambiguity of power structures, our relationship with nature and ourselves. Her work featured footage from the Arctic and interviews with Svalbard’s most wonderful people.

Painter Janette Kerr was also on the Arctic Circle Residency in 2016 and currently divides her time between living in Somerset and Shetland painting the land and sea whenever the weather is wild. She has held previous posts as RWA Academician and President and is an Honorary Royal Scottish Academician. Janette will discus journeys, the sense of ‘Northness’, weather, being outside and her experience of the sea and the Arctic.

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THECUBE London offers a series of free events that are curated under the themes of design, art, science, and technology. This is the second residency by artist and physicists Jennifer Crouch, who is exploring how people navigate through complex and challenging environments. This event was the last of three months worth of talks, events, and workshops. It was a great pleasure having the exhibition in the space and exploring the arctic through the lens of art and science.