Modelling a Sense of Self

16th October 2018 (7pm)

We experience the world through our bodies and their internal representation; however, we do not generate these alone, but through intersubjective relationships. Together with neuroscientists Prof Manos Tsakiris (University of London), this event will consider how artwork responds to a sense of ‘self’, which is ‘beyond the brain’.


We will open up an interactive discourse relating to our dependence on internal models and the factors that shape them. This event will further develop our interpretation of the question – how can the triangulation of seeing, feeling and doing, frame a call to fresh research and action towards a sense of who we are?


This event is for free. Just remember to sign up here.


About Manos Tsakiris
Manos Tsakiris is Professor of Psychology and Director of Research at the Department of Psychology, Royal Holloway, University of London. He studied psychology and philosophy before completing his PhD in psychology and cognitive neurosciences at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, UCL. His research has focused on the neurocognitve mechanisms that shape the experience of embodiment and self-identity using a wide range of research methods, from psychometrics and psychophysics to neuroimaging.

He has published widely in neuroscientific and psychology journals, and his current research projects investigate the plasticity of self-identity. He is the recipient of the 2014 Young Mind and Brain Prize and of the 22nd Experimental Psychology Society Prize (2015). In 2016, he was confirmed as the first recipient of the NOMIS Foundation Distinguished Scientist Award. His research has attracted interest from media around the world, and has appeared in major international news organizations (Reuters, BBC, The Times, The Guardian, El Pais, Mail on Sunday, Le Figaro, Wall Street Journal, El Mundo, Huffington Post, Scientific American).