NEURO LND: The Brain and Language

25th September 2018 (7pm)


Language and speech are often taken for granted, and we do not give it a lot of thought on a day-to-day basis. Yet impairments can be seen in many disorders. Anywhere from aphasia as a result of a stroke, to language impairments in dementia, and communication impairments in individuals on the autism spectrum.


Over the past centuries scientists interested in the examining the human brain and language were held back by the limited methods available to do so. Traditionally the investigation of the link between the brain and language occurred through invasive surgeries. Researchers would lesion or inactivate specific brain regions in participants, many already needing surgery to cure symptoms of epilepsy, and observe the effect on language. Now, thanks to the rapid advancements in brain imaging, we have seen a renaissance in language and speech research. Non-invasive imaging modalities, such as MRI, PET, MEG and EEG, allows us to better understand the relationship between language function, brain structures, and brain activity.


At this roundtable discussion we will examine the some of the basic brain processes involved in language in both typical and patient populations, examine some of the anatomical regions and pathways engaged in language functions, and have a closer look at the anchors own research into this subject matter.



We are delighted to have Prof Rosemary Varley (UCL: and Dr Vitor Zimmerer (UCL: join this conversation.



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