Neuro LND: Human Intelligence VS Artificial Intelligence

27th November 2018 (7pm)

As artificial and machine intelligence has advanced at a rapid rate, the topic has expanded from a mostly technical conversation to one of societal and ethical importance. There are fears about machine intelligence making humans redundant or greatly affecting how we communicate and interact with each other. We call it “machine intelligence” but should we even be comparing machine intelligence to human intelligence?

This panel will be a discussion on the goals and practice of machine intelligence and how we measure its progress, especially against human intelligence.

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We are looking forward to seeing you there.

THECUBE London, founded in 2008, and its members are highly invested in neuroscience and technology research. So this event is the perfect combination! Based in East London, just by Silicon Roundabout, we are certain that this thematic will interest many organisations based at coworking spaces. This event is open to all, so if you are interested in attending just make sure to sign up here.