20th Mar 2014

Join us on Thursday, 03 April 2014 at 6.30pm to celebrate the launch of the Neurocomic Exhibition!

Neurocomic is a visual adventure through the human brain: a parallel word of neuronal forests, memory caves and castles of deception. This exhibition combines art and science to illustrate the fundamental and fascinating concepts of neuroscience and the great scientists who unveiled them and made history within this field.

Hana and Matteo, the duo behind Neurocomic met in 2013 at UCL while both working as research scientists studying the inner workings of the brain. Combining Matteo’s experience as a cartoonist with Hana’s passion for storytelling, they decided to collaborate to bring this complex but fascinating subject to the general public.


  • ‘Neurocomic is a brilliant example of how graphic storytelling can be married with scientific information to create a whole that is both entertaining and educational. On top of all this, the finished book is an irresistably beautiful object that you won’t be able to resist adding to your shelf.’ Digital Spy
  • ‘Nobrow Press have gone and done it again, creating a breathtakingly beautiful graphical novel in Neurocomic. With a neuroscientist and a scientific illustrator behind this gem you won’t be disappointed.’ Waterstones
  • ‘Combining hardcore neuroscience with great graphic art, Nobrow’s latest publication takes you on a comic-book trip inside the human brain.’ Design Week


8th December – Neurocomic is voted into the Top 10 Science Books of 2014

We are very proud and happy to announce our artist in residence, Neurocomic has been listed by Brain Pickings as one of the best science books for 2014. There are many different reasons why THECUBE wanted to collaborate with the book. For starters, it is a beautiful well crafted book, a one of kind. Secondly, Matteo Farinella’s illustrations give an easy and accurate access to some of the most complex biological mechanisms. Finally, it is the first of its kind, merging the fun of comics with the headedness of neuroscience in a successful fashion, making it accessible to all ages and all those interested in how the brain works.