Not The 99%

14 Nov 2011

In the last month we have seen the rise of “Occupy”, a movement that some are using to simply badger ‘the system’. However, is that the correct thing that we should be standing up against? For starters, as mammals our limbic brain is designed to care and provide for ourselves and offspring. Does making money or generating a form of sustenance not fit with providing for ourselves? If we were at the hunter-gatherer stage, this would be the equivalent of hunting the biggest buffalo to provide for our community. It is in our nature to want to get ahead, help, and provide. We cannot do any of these things today if we do not have money. Until there is a new currency – which is possible, but it will take awhile – this is what we have. We have to learn to make the most of it. What these protests have been great for is generating awareness and uniting the tribe. Now it is time build a new ‘1%’.

A Better Perspective: Spending our energy on criticising a system rather than finding ways to create a new one seems like a waste of time. It is understandable that people are frustrated as nothing seems to be improving and the harsh contrast between the people and banks is so obvious. However, criticism is not going to generate change, it will only continue to propagate anger, which is useless for cognitive or conceptual thought. We need our minds to be as open as possible and ready to innovate.

A Better Question: The better question might be: how do we create a financial system which allows the willing to generate an autonomous economy? We believe that there is a pyramid structure to follow with the top being accessible and immediate change and the bottom being the big picture.

Create Your Own Job: During our INCUBE8 session in London, Adele Barlow said we should think more like suppliers, instead of customers. What value can we offer, how can we deliver it in an interesting way, and can this value also generate social change? If we band to help people generate their own economy, we will be at the start of a pivotal change.

Facilitate: If you are in the position to facilitate this transition, do it. Whether it is starting a coworking space, which helps connect people, or investing in a small start up, or setting a business advice clinic, help facilitate change. There are many people that are creating pop up think tanks or innovation hacks, which are generating change.

Innovate: Real innovation is about being open minded, stepping away from dogma and letting go.

Build new economic platforms: Some economists have predicted the collapse of the dollar – though this quite extreme and may not happen, it is still too early to tell. However, with cities like Detroit growing increasingly economically autonomous it is easy to foresee a future without the current economic system.

Final Thoughts: It is not a question about the corruption or presumed greed of the 1%; it is about what the 99% will achieve. This is especially urgent now that we have been made aware of the holes in the current system.