Tackling Brexit: Refugee Integration and Social Media

18th September 2018 (7 pm)

Join us as we explore the use of social media as a form of positive integration for refugees, expressed through a recent study by Amanda Alencar on the use of social media as crucial to tackling the challenges of integration.


Together as a group we will read the study [Alencar A (2017) Refugee integration and social media: a local and experiential perspective. Information, Communication & Society, 21, pp. 1588-1603], and extend it to the topic of current controlling of immigration in the Brexit debate.


Keeping in mind the question of how social media, networks and social movements can aid in supporting a positive digital presence for representing the ‘refugee’, we will be discussing ways of supporting people of colour, current UK immigrants and the global movement of people which happens constantly, in every country and involves all of us.


As always, this event is free. Just sign up for your free spot here.


With many thanks to Tewa Barnosa for allowing us to use her image.
Fear and Expectation, 2018 (event image), © Digital Collage: Tewa Barnosa, courtesy the Artist and member of Variant Space. “The collection of digital collages highlights the journey that refugees go through to cross the Mediterranean seeking a better life and shelter away from their home countries, the work is showing emotions such as Fear and disappointment through images taken by german photographer Kevin McElvany during a rescue mission with the Italian cost guards”


This bimonthly reading group taking place at THECUBE London is led by artist Sabrina Mumtaz Hasan, and thinks through social theory, political agency and interdisciplinary practice to find new methods for opening up ideas around social change in relation to humans paralleling parasites. The reading group is always open to everyone and free to attend. All writings are read together in the group so you don’t need to read them in advance. Extra copies will be available for attendees to take home and share with kin.