Political campaigning + its non political applications

Political Campaigning + its non Political Applications

WHEN: 15th June 2016 @ 7pm


There’s something special and quite different about the way the collective conscience coalesces around the democratic process. Voters understand the part they play and the entire experience builds over months -sometimes years – to one day and one action – marking an “X” in the box of your choice.

This sense of understanding and urgency impacts both the participants (voters) and creators (campaigners and politicians) as well as the intermediaries (the media). Applying the modern political campaigning model to other fields – charity and special interest campaigns, corporate marketing, internal change management – is not only highly affective but disruptive in a marketplace that has become otherwise routine and boring.

This session will break down what makes political campaigns special and overlay the components on both private and third-sector examples. It will be hands-on as well, so bring your pencils and A3 paper!

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Kyle Taylor brings with him ten years of cross-sector, multi-continent experience. Having started in Washington, DC with global NGO Ashoka: Innovators for the public, his personal nomadic tendencies led him to professional positions with governments and in both the private and citizen sectors in Asia, Australia and Belgium before stopping for an extended stint in London, where he most recently served as Chief of Staff to a Minister of State for Justice.