PRIVATE VIEW: Beyond the Brain

28th June 2018 (6.30pm)

Following our event series ‘BEYOND THE BRAIN’, we would like to invite you all to the associated exhibition by the artists in residence, from various fields of Art and Science: neuroscience, socio-parasitology, dance, digital imaging, plasticity and post-nature scents.

For the past three months the artists in residence, have been approaching ‘The Extended Mind Theory’ in diverse and thought-provoking ways. Raising questions: from the social consequences of the web-extended mind to paralleling the human with host-parasite interactions. Following a series of public seminars probing practitioners from interdisciplinary fields, Beyond the Brain will now present the exploration through diverse media including—but not limited to—sculpture, installation, painting and photo collage. THECUBE has a unique multi-level arrangement, the perfect host to allow the complimentary works to speak to one another across the space. Shifting in tone and colour, engaging with the architecture of the space.

The artists in residence are: Becky Lyon, Charlotte Bolster, Jasmine Smith, Priya Odedra, Sabrina Mumtaz Hasan and Tracey Zhang.

As a collective, the artists have engaged with Tate Modern, I,Science Magazine, Saatchi Gallery, The Royal Society, Wellcome Trust, Hundred Years Gallery and Science Gallery Dublin.


THECUBE is excited to be hosting this CSM collective exploring the extended mind! Following a series of roundtable discussions over the last three months, this is an opportunity to meet the artists and explore this thematic through a different and new lens. A new event series, consisting of workshops, reading groups and talks, will accompany the exhibition, so keep your eyes peeled for any updates!