Project Light – Shared Vision

36 million people in the world are blind, three quarters from preventable or curable conditions. Nine out of ten of those affected live in low and middle-income countries, and many cannot access basic eye care. This is an invisible global injustice, yet it is solvable within our lifetimes.

Project Light is a global art campaign for the right to sight, by Peek Vision and Fine Acts. Everyone, everywhere, deserves access to healthcare and vision.

Shared Vision is the opening exhibition of Project Light, with commissioned works from sighted, partially-sighted and blind artists. The exhibition considers how stories of vision, or lack of it, can affect and transform people’s lives. The artists have produced works which include film, music, installation, painting, texts, audio works and photography. They investigate the ways in which we ‘see’. Through them we are provoked to consider other ways of experiencing our world.

Artists: eL Seed, Bahia Shehab, Mark Haddon, Sarah Sandman, Sammy Baloji, Karen McCarthy Woolf, Rachel Gadsden, Sally Booth, Tanvir Bush, Zoe Partington, Georges Senga, Mandy Redvers-Rowe, Alicia Eggert.

Exhibition curated by Julie Freeman and Yana Buhrer Tavanier


This exhibition is taking place at the Truman Brewery, pretty much a neighbour of THECUBE London. Do head over there during your lunch time or just after work – it’s worth it.