3rd Feb 2016

One of our members Ben Byford has moved to Bristol, where he is building a community of people interested in the future technologies. THECUBE is supporting this for two reasons, one because we have a growing interest in AI and high tech. Secondly, because we are looking for new areas outside of London that are breaking new ground.

The general overview of quantum computing including some the research underway at the University of Bristol.

9th FEBRUARY 2016 / 7pm / Live stream via Bristol

Ashley Montanaro, Quantum Computation and Information Group, University of Bristol -

Jacques Carolan, Centre for Quantum Photonics, University of Bristol-


Ashley Montanaro // The power of quantum computing  

Quantum computers are designed to use the principles of quantum mechanics to do things that are fundamentally impossible for any standard computer based only on the laws of classical physics. The exciting applications of quantum computing range from cracking cryptographic codes to designing new medicines. In this talk Ashley will present an overview of what quantum computers can do and how they could affect our lives in the future.

Jacques Carolan // Photonic Quantum Technologies 

Quantum technologies promise to have a profound and far reaching impact upon our lives. From the simulation and design of new materials and pharmaceuticals; to the processing of vast data sets to tackle machine learning problems beyond the reach of classical machines.  In this talk Jacques will give an overview of the technological advances been made at the University of Bristol in photonic quantum technologies — a high speed, low noise platform, which uses single particles of light to encode quantum information.

We will be living streaming it at the space, however, if you wan to listen in from home, click on the link.