Sabina Radeva

Sabina is a graphic designer, art director, and illustrator.

After graduating from the Max Planck Institute in Germany in Molecular Biology in 2008, Sabina gradually realised that her passion for creating images was stronger than her motivation to work in the lab. Via self education and work with clients I established a successful graphic design business.

She is the founder of Design Garden – company specialising in branding and web design. She is also the founder of The Ink Nest – a popular website for stock graphics. In recent years she has been teaching her techniques online at Design Garden Classes.  Her main focus is understanding the underlying principles leading to the conception of inspiring and outstanding graphic work.


Additionally, she just recently completed DARWIN’S ON THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES: A PICTURE BOOK ADAPTATION, aiming to explain in an accessible and inspiring way the theory of evolution by Charles Darwin. It is aimed at both children and adults. The book rights have been acquired by Penguin Random House, and the book will be published early 2018.