To Do / To See: Art and Science at the Crypt Gallery


Cryptic: Art and Science returns for its second year!!!


Cryptic examines the relationship between art, science and technology, and features artworks that use technology and science variously as medium or message. Explore digital and kinetic interactive artworks, virtual reality, and mixed media installations, all set in the idiosyncratic spaces of the Crypt Gallery.


The rich and diverse subject matters include representations of time, mutation mutated into abstracted expression, exploration of form and material, genetics and evolution, synthesis of emotions into sculptural and crystalline forms, the multiverse, religion through the olfactory sense, technology, control and new materialities, social media, climate change, and plastic waste.


You will have the opportunity to see work by members of the lovely em-em collective, which had their residency here at THECUBE just before Daniel Locke, as well as discover some new artists from Slade, Westminster and Middlesex University.

Make sure to head there sometime between 24-27th November (PV on Friday, 24th November from 6 to 9pm).

Also,  a debate around the subject of art, science, and technology, organised by Ben Murray and CLOT Magazine, will take place on Sunday 26th November at 2pm.


THECUBE coworking space and its members is excited to see the em-em artists and friends taking over the Crypt Gallery space. It is a lovely place to see art, providing one with a totally new perspective on the work when viewed in such a moody setting.