To Do / To See: The Infinite Mix

Head over to the Strand for this incredible exhibition! The Haywards off-site gallery exhibition bringing together sound and moving image, is one of the best things we have seen in a long time. It closes on December 4th, so make sure to visit it soon.

Below the description given by the Hayward:

The Infinite Mix: Contemporary Sound and Image brings together audiovisual artworks that are soulful and audacious in their exploration of a wide range of subjects. In all of the works in this exhibition the interplay between moving image and sound is crucial. Most of the artists have composed, commissioned or remixed soundtracks that relate to the visual element of their work in unexpected ways, and ensure that what you hear is just as important as what you see.

The Infinite Mix includes works that address tumultuous histories and cultural tensions in ways that are thought-provoking as well as deeply entertaining. They also pointedly remix our notions of history and fiction, the real and the staged, and the sublime and the everyday. Drawing on varied genres including documentary filmmaking, music video, experimental film and theatrical performance, these artworks dispense with straightforward storytelling and unfold in a manner akin to musical compositions. Together, they expand the ways in which we experience moving images and sound, and open up new veins of meaning in art’s potentially ‘infinite mix.’”


The Store, 180 The Strand
London WC2R 1EA



THECUBE London is a workspace with a community working within the remit of art, science and design. We have been providing our space for artists working within the realm of those three disciplines for the last 7 years. Coming up is an exhibition by Jennifer Crouch: Making In Transit.