To Do / To See: Making In Transit by Jennifer Crouch

We are excited to announce that artist Jennifer Crouch will be taking up her residency here at THECUBE from 01 December onwards!


Originating from artist her time spent in the Arctic on the Arctic Circle residency autumn expedition 2016, artworks that she will be exhibitiong include recreated indigenous crafts and objects traditionally used in navigation. By generating hand carved maps representing the Arctic environment Making in Transit will revive sculptural map-making techniques and make new artworks based on sharing a tactile experience of the Arctic.


Making in Transit is a multi-disciplinary project delivering a programme of events and exhibitions that make use of the themes of land and sea to unpack the cultural, material, philosophical and environmental implications ‘making’ or creating something in response to the environment. Making is investigated by the project on a range of scales: from a hand-carving drift wood; to built environments as large and complex as the cities in which we live.


The exhibition will be complemented by a programme of free talks and workshops from academics, scientists, craftspeople, architects and artists from a range of different specialisms, disciplines and institutions we invite you to explore the broader implications of the anthropocene.


Below some beautiful images from Jennifer’s time in the Arctic to get you excited for December when we are ready to launch!


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THECUBE is a workspace in East London. We provide space for artists to explore, research and exhibit their work within the realm of art and science. We are excited to be working together with Jennifer Crouch for the second time already. She is a creator of illustrated dioramas, meticulous drawings, interactive experiences and ceramic objects. Her work focuses on how anatomy adapts and creates abstractions (such as symbols and codes, pictograms and phonetics); modes of representation (from drawings to computer simulations); tools and machines (in scientific experiments, processes, and the manipulation of materials) to discover how to describe the material nature of reality.