To Do / To See: Natural Light, Blue Light Room by Bruce Nauman

Head over to Blain|Southern to see Bruce Nauman’s Natural Light, Blue Light Rooms, shown first in 1971. Experiences best in daylight, this is one of Nauman’s first works produced to disorientate and make the audience feel an unease in the built environment.


“Walking into the gallery, viewers experience a physical response to the empty space and unfamiliar light. With time, they discern two different light sources – the natural daylight and blue fluorescent lights. This initial physical stimulus grows more confusing as the atmosphere in the room changes and resets itself with the shifting light outside.” 


This exhibition is only lasting for another two weeks (closing 12 November), so make sure to head over there soon to experience this.


Blain|Southern: 4 Hanover Square, London. W1S 1BP

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