Is our experience of nature a production of the senses, mediated in the mind?

21st May 2018 (7pm)

Does the sensing mind create the environment + does the sensed environment create cognition? Join us for a round table discussion exploring how far the concept of ‘nature’ and the biophysical ‘environment’ as we know it is an extension of the mind. Does nature exist as multiple, even infinite realities interpreted by the interlocutor? Or are there pre-determined, absolute forms that exist completely detached from the body?


Together with Ersin Han Ersin (artist and co-creative director at visionary practice Marshmallow Laser Feast);  Karl Sainz Martinez (Hack the Senses, PhD researcher at the University of Reading); Nadjib Achaibou (Crossmodalism member, multi-sensory performer and scent experimentalist) and Valerie Mace, (Design for Branded Spaces lecturer and researcher, LCC), this topic will be explored through the lens of our sensory experience. We’ll be investigating how far sensory input goes to computing our world and what roles our varying modalities play. We will explore if our senses can be manipulated to create new interpretations of the environment and ask – if we could sense future environments would it change our attitudes/ behaviours to it now?


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