Shaping the Economy Through Coworking Spaces

THECUBE and our sister space WECREATE has created a process to make innovation leaner, faster, and effective for its members. People will be coming to coworking spaces with a lot of questions and we should be prepared to provide answers. With the creation of our Idea Engineering Agency, we are giving our members a leading edge against their competitors. Coworking spaces should be experimenting with processes of innovation and help create enterprises that are quickly sustainable in order to help create faster economy. It will be incredible to look back in five years and see how many jobs were created due to coworking innovation. Coworking spaces have the ability to create a voice in their respective entrepreneurial communities and as such can begin to support the needs and wants of entrepreneurs beyond the space. We can act like a magnet to attract what would be unattainable resources for our members, like investment firms, sponsorships, and external partnerships. Being a voice and a guide for enterprise will move things faster and help influence change. Coworking spaces bring together people of different thought processes, experiences, and talents. The interaction between people of such diverse backgrounds makes our spaces a breeding ground for strong idea communities, which will then lead to the creation of new sectors and industries. As we discussed in our article How To Build Economy, new sectors will help build a stronger economy as they will use the intelligence of people in new ways and create better jobs. Coworking spaces provide a faster economy for start-up businesses. One of the most important ingredients in building an economically sustainable business is contacts and community. We are creating tribes of people who are helping each other connect faster. Not all cities are ready for a coworking space. Many cities have a general population who still feel that the only way to earn is by employment. With a changed attitude and fresher perspective, coworking can help such cities change this philosophy and teach the local community to become innovative. People don’t need to be dependent on companies to employ them to make a living.