Smart Spaces Brainplay

29th Oct 2014

The collision of technology with the millennial mindset of knowledge exchange and collaboration is changing the way we work, disrupting old systems, and generating exciting new opportunities. We are witnessing change at a spectacular speed, which will produce innovation far greater than the Industrial Revolution. This era is exciting and it will need the right infrastructure to support its growth, starting with space. Currently most workspaces and offices do not provide the right environment for the needs and demands of this new era. They contribute to a culture of individualism rather than collaboration through their cubicle design, and it leads employees to be unproductive through their non-biological space design. Organisations are increasingly demanding more of space and asking what will a building do for their business. The value of a building will be in providing people with something more than just a space, it will be in providing an environment which enriches their business and community.

The purpose of this research and event is to establish the foundations that through the use of neuroscience property developers will be able to create commercial environments that are economically and socially sustainable for both owner and occupier. The method can be used as a blueprint for both isolated cases/buildings in commercially dense areas for difference, strength and innovation but also as blueprints for regeneration in areas looking to stimulate their audiences, and influence a new generation to create their own economy.

We will be launching the roundtable discussion with Loughborough University / London, which is going to be part of Here East.

10 December 2014 at 7pm at THECUBE London