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23rd Feb 201

Technology enhances the human allowing us to go above our mental and physical attributes, however can it help create more empathetic design? Empathy is the emotion that allows us to feel another person’s condition. Therefore can technology allow us to create materials, tools, and products that allows the design of spaces that is more empathetic to the human?

This event is the first in the series of events we are running at the RCA, they are part of “Humanising The Built Environment”.

“Think of the digital and physical world like the brain and body. One will always need the other. Spaces are where we form ideas, execute ideas, invent, discourse with colleagues, create economy, it is where we innovate. It is also integral that we now understand better how to design spaces around the human rather than the lease if we are to answer the challenging questions being asked.”

The purpose of the debates are to engage the topics with the audience and create a strong discourse.

Panellists include:

Below are some pieces of research to read before attending as we hope to have an open discourse with the audience.

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