Smart Spaces: What is a Connected City?

Smart Spaces: What is a Connected City?

WHEN: 21st April 2016 @ 7pm

WHERE: the Royal College of Art, Kensington Campus


Think of the digital and physical world like the brain and body. One will always need the other. Spaces are where we form ideas, execute ideas, invent, discourse with colleagues, create economy, it is where we innovate. It is also integral that we now understand better how to design spaces around the human rather than the lease if we are to answer the challenging questions being asked.

The connected metaphor is widely used in technology, science, and sociology. It is in part how we view success, a highly connected technological network for instance can lead to solving big data problems or our highly connected brains allows us to have intellectual prowess. So what would it mean to have a highly connected city, both from human and infrastructure perspective. We will be speaking with architects, planners, and placemakers to look at the holistic approach of how a city is and should be put together.


Dr Adam Kaasa (Director of Theatrum Mundi at LSE)

Dr Dan Lockton (Visiting Research Tutor, Innovation Design Engineering, RCA)

Tim Jones (Head of Strategy: FutureCity)

Darrell Berry (Computational Scientist)


Further suggested reading on the topic:

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The event is in partnership with the RCA MA Interior Design & Architecture course, who are the kind hosts and sponsors for the evening.