19th Jan 2016

The start of the year is always quite special, you have so many expectations, it is another 365 days of new opportunities ahead of us. THECUBE is entering its seventh year, which seems like a significant number it carries weight. Therefore we decided that it was time to take big leaps, it is time to start taking risks and start the next phase of our business.

Our first focus for the year will be CENTRIC LAB, which will be the research lab for THECUBE, which will allow us to create our own experiments. The lab will be a cognitive neuroscience lab with a focus on perception. The second focus is our first conference in the history of our business, it will be discussing how neuroscience can help the architecture industry create more conscious cities. It is in collaboration with Museum of Architecture and Arup. The third focus is opening up THECUBE brand and insight to the outside world, the first external event series we are doing will be with the Royal College of Art. The theme of the talks will be “smart” design, specifically within the built environment. This series is being led by our new added Head of Property, Joshua Artus. Finally, we are going to be on a mission of turning THECUBE into a smarter space. It will go through a redesign in the first quarter of the year, it is time that our members get a “new” space and that we move forward with new demands from the entrepreneurial community.

On the other side of the Atlantic in our New York space lead by Industrial Engineer, Daniel Gutierrez, they will be moving forward with a more tech base to design. Exploring virtual reality and modular design.

It will be an exciting 2016 and already cannot wait for the Christmas Break!

We wish all of our members a prosperous, exciting, and fulfilling new year.