Is technology affecting our brains?

30th May 2017 (7pm)

There is an increasing perception that our use of technological devices is having an affect on our mental health. There are more and more digital detox retreats, suggesting that we need to tone down our use. However, what is happening in our brains? Is the effect permanent? Are we addicted to our devices?

Our use of digital technology is also interesting from an adaptability perspective, in other words it allows to test and see how our brains adapt to new tools. It is important to note that this is not new, we as humans, have always learned to adapt cognitively and physically to the physical world around us.

In this talk we will cover how the brain adapts to new stimuli, the plasticity factor of the brain, and put into perspective the scale at which digital technology is changing our cognitive functions. The talk will mainly centre on the attention and memory systems as well as the visual cognitive system, this will give you an idea of both the anatomy involved in perceiving digital information as well as how we are affected by it.

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*** This event is not taking place at THECUBE!

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