The Art of Possible; New Habits, Neuroscience, and The Power of Deliberate Action

18th June 2015

We believe that neuroscience can shed understanding into the cognitive mechanisms which are relevant to business. This is not say that we think neuroscience can make you better at business as that is not accurate. However neuroscience can help us understand things like perception, anxiety, cognitive flexibility, which are mechanisms that influence how we perform in  business.

It is very difficult to stay honest to science as well as being accessible as there is a tendency to oversimplify in order to achieve a publishable tone. However, we endeavoured to keep as true to scientific findings and ensure the reader was getting an intelligent explanation. Neuroscience changes every single day and we are far from understanding the brain, however there certain principles which can be translated from the world of science and academia to innovation and business.

This book allows you to understand the role you play in creating your business alongside with neuroscience explanations –

Araceli Camargo

Cognitive Neuroscientst