The Interest in Rwanda

21 June 2012

It’s an interesting devision to categorise countries as developed or developing. Are we not all developing? Surely that is the purpose of innovation. We innovate to develop. Furthermore these countries that we in the west patronisingly call ‘developing’ are doing extraordinary leaps, not just in terms of economics but in human development. Imagine the kind of mental prowess it takes to pull an entire community from the depths of poverty.

What kind of innovation and tools would you have to create to start something from nothing?

Why wouldn’t you find it despicable to live in this situation? Why should we be a country that depends on other people? What’s wrong with us? Why do we live off other people’s money, off the taxpayers of other countries? How can it be that people who lived in this country two hundred years ago were better off than we are today? What happened? We are descendants of people who stood up and fought for their rights. We have been put in a position of being despised, of being held in contempt. We don’t deserve that, and we have within ourselves what we need to stand up to these challenges. – Paul Kagame – President of Rwanda

These countries do not need yet another huge NGO telling them what do, sending another food package, or even setting up a human rights campaign. They need a community behind them, which is willing to give them tools and resources they need.

The emphasis should be on them, what they need, what is good for them, not what we think is good.

We have to work on the minds of our people. There is nothing to be complacent about. We are poor, and being poor is bad. If being pushed hurts, it cannot hurt as much as poverty, as much as being hungry and sick. – Paul Kagame – President of Rwanda.

Rwanda is a nation that has picked itself up from one of the worst genocides in our current history and it has done it with pride, purpose, and compassion. President Kagame is actively infiltrating his people’s perspective, working on their minds: instructing them to say no to corruption, be useful to their communities, have pride in their appearance, and to push set visions that are inconceivable. This dictation is critiqued as a tunnelled vision, however it is setting the environment for stability, which will lead to innovation, which will lead to creation of a healthy economy.

The vision is for our members to contribute to the global community that we are all apart of, and to innovate with awareness and openness. We came to Rwanda to be inspired, learn, and to contribute to the creation of nation.