The Power of Collaboration

Is it possible to do accomplish great things on your own? Is there such a thing as a lone genius? Will working in isolated pods generate a new economic environment? According to THECUBE’s research these questions are alluding to a mythical view of achievement. I say that they are myths, because now that the research is in, they do seem like abstract constructions, however not too long ago they were very real.

One is the concept of doing it alone and competing against others to reach a desired achievement. We have fabricated this notion and have seen it as positive social construct, however even in this instance we can’t have done it alone. There is a measurable trail behind each us of people who have helped connect us to the right people or resources, taught us relevant knowledge, or even inspired us and given momentum to your ambitions. That trail is full of collaborators, however social perceptions have not allowed us to see them as such.

The second is that geniuses are unique and work alone. According to the research conducted by Steve Johnson in Where do Ideas Come From, it is far from the truth. Event the most genius and avid thinkers had a group of people around them, which helped them construct and catalyze their big ideas.

The Comfort of Myths

There are certain comforts in believing in the aforementioned myths. Number one they feed our ego, in other words, we feel like we achieved more if we think that we have done it alone against all odds. Number two it helps dilute responsibility to help others, if we think we did it alone then others can do it as well, making us less empathetic and less likely to help others. Finally, it creates the illusion that accomplishments are only for those lone geniuses rather than common people.