THECUBE Academy: How fear and anxiety mechanisms influences sales

1st June 2015

On 23rd June we are hosting our third in a series of five workshops on neuroscience and innovation. June’s will focus on the role anxiety and fear play on the sales. As much as we would like to believe that business is mental game it is not, it is 90% biological. For example, studies have indicated that our sense of smell is attuned to smell anxiety, yes, we can smell someone else’s anxiety.

There is so much data that we are picking up when we are assessing and interpreting when we first meet a new person. We have to assess if we trust them, would we want to foster a lasting report, their social hierarchy, and what role they will play in our life. All of these assessments are made at a biological level, which is important to understand how the system works and its effects on sales.

Part I _ The neurobiology of fear
Part II _ The neurobiology of anxiety
Part III _ Sales cycle
Part IV _ Tools

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