Cognitive Academy: The Attention Systems

THECUBE Academy: The Attention Systems

WHEN: 26th Feb 2016 @ 4.30pm


Technology has changed the way we interact, work, and make use of things, this is having a profound affect on how we pay attention. In consequence this changing us; it is changing our idea of aesthetic, what we prioritise, and what we value. We see this as valuable information for those that design products, technologies, and services, from a human-centric perspective.

There are three classes in this course focusing on human Attention. The course is designed for industry professionals who wish to learn the science behind their work and obtain an understanding of how people “do” things. The commercial industries are changing, we are moving towards smart products, services and technologies, therefore a deeper understanding of how our brain does things is imperative to being more humancentric.

26 February 2016
THECUBE, Studio 5, 155 Commerecial Street. E1 6BJ

This class will have four sections and outcomes.

// This class will explore the main types of attention and the neurological structures behind them.

// We will look at our evolutionary relationship between our physical environment and attention

// There will be an understanding of the mechanisms behind attention

// The class will end with an open discussion on how to apply understanding to industry.



The science is thoroughly researched and prepared for commercial application. We have worked with many clients that are leading in humancentric products, technologies, and services such as Nike, Seen, and NHS.

The purpose is to gain understanding of how people perceive and interact with the world around them. We aim to stay honest to the science whilst making it accessible and applicable to industry. By honest, we mean that we research a wide range of studies and data, which at times show different findings in order to bring you a diverse set of theories.
We believe that good science stays within questioning and exploration rather than veering towards determinism and certainty.

The class will be taught by Araceli Camargo, who is a cognitive neuroscientist.