THECUBE Birthday Celebrations!

21st September 2017 (6pm)

Join us to celebrate our 8th anniversary!!!


Make sure to let us know that you will be joining the celebrations on Thursday, 21st September at 6pm. There will be plenty of food and drinks, and even some reminiscing!


We are starting with it here already:


Opening our doors eight years ago, as London’s 2nd coworking space, we did not know what ride we were in for. All we wanted to do was to provide a beautiful space for people affected by the global economic financial crash in 2008.


Let us remember THECUBE‘s very first and currently still member – Alastair Dryburgh. Alastair is a strategist “for those impatient to do great things, and frustrated with the usual methods”.  Alastair studied mathematics at Cambridge University, and then trained to work in finance. Realising that finance does not have all the answers for companies and organisation, he set about “acquiring enough of the relevant parts of each discipline; that is just those parts which are needed to restart growth after a period of stasis”. You might have seen some of his writing and advice on his weekly Forbes or monthly Management Today columns, or have seen his two books Business Remastered and Everything You Know About Business is Wrong at the bookshop.


Moving on, a couple of years later we opened our sister space in New York City, Input Lofts. Only difference apart from the location  – they have a dog in the space.



Over the years the space started to take the shape it is in now. Be it design – left: 8 years ago; right: today!,


to changing exhibitions (see some of the highlights below – clockwise – Ideographic, Natalie Kay Thatcher, Jennifer Crouch, Matteo Farinella, Josephine Chime),


to some really really great discussions and other events, such as Professor Emeritus John Onians, author of Neuroarthistory joining us to explore the role of culture in the well being of the society, Dr Brett St Louis joining us to discuss racism, Dr Shiren Walton + Dr Red Chigdey + Iris Andrew coming in to speak about political protest, or having lawyer Caroline Taylor and Prof Richard Wortley examining Crime, Law and Science with us.



In our current incarnation, together with our peers, we are are trying to build bridges between different disciplines and sectors – Art, Science, Technology and Design. Be it through our evolving monthly events programme, courses, exhibitions or our magazine, we think that multidisciplinarity echoes our society and culture, and we are trying our best to make it accessible to anyone and everyone outside of formal academic institutions.


Members, partners, peers, and co – THANK YOU all for being part of our community! It’s been a pleasure and we are looking forward to many more years with you all!