THECUBE Collectives: Branding Meet Up // 1

6th Jan 2015

Our branding collective was started to bring together everyone in the community who works within and around the field of branding. The purpose of the collectives is to ignite collaboration, inspire, and spread knowledge.

The first point of discussion was defining branding for the 21st Century and setting the parameters from which the collective wishes to work in.

This has been concluded in the first session:

  1. Branding should move towards the human, which seems obvious, however many brands do not focus on the person, and instead focus on product
  2. Branding should be transparent
  3. At the heart of branding should be a story, as that is the one of the few tools which can distinguish brands
  4. How do you use branding as a tool for communicating the complexity of change across industries
  5. How do you combine text with visuals as the need for story increases

The Elements of A Brand For The Collective

Qualities of Brand

  • it is a tool
  • active
  • humanistic
  • interactive storytelling


  • a framework for critiquing and dissecting brands
  • a framework for best practice

Format for Collective

  • workshops done by community peers in combination with neuroscience
  • video Club; specific tool or method
  • case study dissection and discussion

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