THECUBE Magazine // B // TRUTH


This quarter ’s magazine examines the thematic of ‘truth’. We chose this subject for two reasons –

1. Firstly, this is the year we have become obsessed with the word due to the political climate around the world. Be it the elections in Kenya, cultural divisions in Australia, Brexit or the US – all these events have been surrounded by the controversies and doubts on some of the ‘truths’ presented.

2. The second reason is more philosophical, as the worlds of science and technology advance, truth become more elusive and quick to change.

Our understanding of things and concepts have evolved and developed, so some theories or beliefs of just 10 years ago are no longer. A couples of years ago scientists developed a new model which explained a role of dopamine in immune regulation, something that we would have found impossible or untrue 10 years ago.

Additionally, technology is making us ask new questions, which is changing the way we view the world. We can now track and interpret vast amounts of data, which have led us to understand that the climate is changing. There are those who are not experiencing the drastic changes, and thus many of them believe that this is not true. In their world nothing has changed, thus they consider it a lie. In other words data and facts do not matter in the perception of truth, that is interesting.

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