THECUBE Residency: Ideographic – A Change of State: Internal Evolution

22nd April 2015

Join us on Wednesday, 13 May at 7pm as we discuss the following:

We have investigated examples of social evolution through history, and the factors which led to spikes in growth and development. The next synapse is exploring the biology of human evolution.

Our societies can reduce limiting factors, we can protect the weak, outsource resources, reduce the brutal reality of natural selection. But if our collective solutions affect the process of natural selection, how do we now adapt to changes in environment?

How has the brain evolved with technology? How does collective consciousness evolve, what does it require to thrive? Are we adapting now? Or are we, with new technology and global society, struggling to adopt patterns of behaviour inimical to human nature?

The Ideographic collective will be presenting work based on these ideas, and will also be hosting a round-table discussion. Along with participants from a broad range of disciplines in the arts and sciences, we will explore these concepts, and their relevance to the turbulent and frenetic pace of contemporary social evolution.