THECUBE x Virgin Media

THECUBE has had a long standing partnership with the Virgin brand from events to sponsorship. For our latest partnership, Araceli Camargo was interviewed on the subject of buildings and the human impact of technology.

The article on the future of building and infrastructure can be read on via this link. She talks about how neuroscience will start to become more of a commonplace tool for the built environment. She believes this will change our interaction with physical space.

The podcast is the most interesting as it weaves in other academic and industry view points to anchor her points.

THECUBE is a coworking space in East London and was established in 2009. Araceli Camargo is one of the founders and now sits as an advisor. Understand technology and what it means for the future has been one of the main areas of focus of the space since it opened. It is also been the source of future inspiration The Centric Lab, which is researching how people are affected by the built environment.
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