Trend: Are People Moving Offline?

Information saturation may be reaching its limits and there is an increasing craving to be offline. For the first time in human history we are in an era of knowledge and stimuli gluttony. Everywhere you turn there is a new piece of information to digest and a piece of technology that helps us access it. We have iPhones, iPads, computers, thousands of blogs on every micro topic imaginable.


  • How will constant access to information change the way we learn?
  • How will the constant knowledge exchange affect consumer trends?
  • Will these lead to a rebellion and cause people to completely reject being online?
  • What is this doing to our brains?
  • If this knowledge is making us more informed, what happens to communities that are not online?
  • Will it create a further divide between the rich and the poor?

Thoughts Our brains are very plastic and everything that we come into contact with affects our brain structure. So it is safe to say that being online and constantly being stimulating is changing the way the we think and process information. What is also interesting is how the reverse will affect economy and businesses should people decide to spend more time offline.


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