The extended mind through a devised triangulation – seeing, feeling, doing

31st May 2018 (7pm)

Embodied cognition proposes that the brain systems underlying perception and action are integrated with cognition in bidirectional pathways (Cordona). What if it is a three-way flow? New research refers to a visceral grasp of reality.

Extended mind is often examined via nature or via technology, but we would like to consider it through this triangulation of biodata –  what we see; how we feel; what we do.

Through presentation and discussion, together with neuroscientist Dr Gonçalo Lopes (UCL, Kampff Lab) and artist Adrian Holme  (Central Saint Martins), we will investigate this equilateral triangle. We will explore the study of bodily experience in the analysis of brain function, finding alternatives ways to allow the embodied experiences to lead.

We recognise the challenges that, for example,  neuropsychology faces in integrating EC in its clinical assessment and diagnosis processes. Within our evening of investigation, we will ask how this triangulation of seeing, feeling and doing, could frame a call to fresh research and action towards a healthy sense of who we are.


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This event has been organised by THECUBE and Beyond the Brain, a collective of artists and scientists currently completing they MA in Art and Science at Central Saint Martins. Special thanks goes to artists Lois Bentley and Rose Zhou for the collaboration on organising the discussion event.