Brainplay: Truth as Data – Part II

13th September 2017 (7pm)

Big data continues to grow in its importance for research and application purposes.
Digital humanities and digital sociology are areas of study that have recently seen
major development. While data mining techniques allow us to trace and understand
popular movements, trends, behaviour, cultural production, etc., it is important for us
to consider how these technologies are used and the limitations that befall them,
biases or other shortcomings that may exist, and ethical implications of such.

Social media studies and biometrics are especially of importance due to their shared
visibility, totalising effect and small to large-scale implications, from Amazon
recommendations to predictive policing and international and border security. It is
important for policy-makers and general public alike to look beyond the positivism of
data science and develop technology that can cater to cultural and racial differences,
and looks beyond uniformity. As technology gets a larger foothold in the world and
artificial intelligence grows, it becomes important to understand and be critical of
machine vision and machinic decision-making processes.

Through ‘Data as Truth II’, we will be exploring the implications of concretising
identity in terms of ethics and privacy, as well as addressing more general
philosophical questions of how it is that we understand identity today.



This event is once more organised in collaboration with Sukanya Deb from Goldsmiths University, who is examining biases within algorithms as part of her research. THECUBE London is excited to be working with her, providing our members and peers with interesting events to attend after coworking.