Using Coworking Spaces to Transition from Employment to Entrepreneurship

We are really lucky to be living in times of change, you can feel it in the air. We are hearing people asking core questions about their careers and economy; How do I create value? How do I create a career that is fulfilling financially and to society? Is the current corporate structure sustainable? How can I create economy from my experience? etc. These questions are acting as exit catalysts for corporate people, however what happens once you take the plunge into enterprise?

Working From Anywhere

There is a perception that once you leave the vertical structure of the corporation you have the liberty to work from anywhere. However, most of the time you end up working in your home office without changing from our pajamas. Once the initial novelty of wears off, the feeling of isolation begins to set in. There are no more watercolor moments, or after work drinks, or the general buzz of a social environment. This can be a lonely and maddening experience. This where choosing the right place to work comes into place.

Coworking spaces are a great place to start, granted we have a biased opinion, non the less they provide a better community feel than serviced offices. After making such a big change in your life its great to have a space that houses other people who are going through the same thing. Coworking spaces make you feel like you are part of something familiar again, it’s a bit like going to the office, except you get to do what you want.

Mimicking Behaviour

The other difference is finding yourself away from familiar behaviours. There are no colleagues to banter with or share ideas, there is no one to delegate to, or even someone who can just pass on a tip. Coworking spaces tend to mimic some of these behaviors. You have the set-up of an office, you have new ‘colleagues’ who can help move your idea forward and you get to chat about current events.

We are social animals and we need to this type of interaction to feel connected and even to release dopamine, which is the neurochemical responsible for generating ideas. Plus patterns are comforting as they are familiar, which is what coworking spaces offer – a new place to go and interact with ‘colleagues’.

Making The Decision

Even before you set foot in a coworking space, you first have to make the decision to take the plunge. How do you decide? Most coworking spaces offer really competitive pricing, so join for one month and observe what is like to be an entrepreneur. Go to the events and meet people who are doing it, ask them questions about their process. Seeing other people creating their own business will make it more tangible for you, which will then minimize the fear.