Virgin Media Business X THECUBE London

We are really excited and happy to announce that our partnership with Virgin Media Business is continuing with a new and highly sophisticated internet connectivity. Our relationship with Virgin started 6 years ago when we were only a year old, which was a very different climate than it is now.

Six years ago there were only about 10 coworking spaces in London there are now over 100 spaces, enterprise is now a common career path, and tech businesses are now a strong economic force.
At the crux of this entrepreneurial growth and the sustenance of coworking spaces is a strong wifi connection. It seems benign as it so fundamental, however, without this type of infrastructure, we would not be able to run our businesses. Whether it is having a reliable connection to stay in touch with overseas colleagues, or being given the infrastructure to create a new business a strong internet connection allows to do business in a vastly different way than we did 10 years ago.
As we said, we take it for granted but the infrastructure that has been provided by Virgin has changed the way we work, it actually has democratised business. Ten to 15 years ago the barriers to business were really high; you needed a company office, an assortment of equipment, large amount of start-up funds, and employees. Now, all you need is a laptop and a space that has good wifi.
Finally, it has allowed us to exist, just as the internet is fundamental to business in the 21st Century,  so are coworking spaces. We are able to house those people who are independent and still be part of a community.