What are the social consequences of a fully web-extended mind?

5th June 2018 (7pm)

Imagine a scenario in which our thoughts are so seamlessly connected with the internet that it constitutes a part of our mind; a situation in which mentally posing a question can automatically retrieve an answer from the world-wide web. Recent advances in technology and neuroscience, notably, the development of ‘mind reading’ devices make this a viable reality.


Join us, and Dr Adam Kampff (UCL) and Dr Paul Smart (University of Southampton) as we discuss the following questions:

  • How would cognitive capacities such as attention, memory, learning and problem solving be transformed?
  • How would our communication and social interactions change?
  • What would be the impact on our mental health?
  • And taking the contents of the internet as a bono-fide part of the mind, what are the consequences for education, research, intellectual property and plagiarism?


As all our events, this one too is free, but please sing up for the event here to reserve your spot.


This event has been organised together with BEYOND THE BRAIN, a collective formed at Central Saint Martins MA Art and Science course, which are currently having their residency at THECUBE.