Welcome all to 2017!

Welcome all to 2017! Last year posed some tough challenges that rocked our intellect and mental wellbeing. Here is to a new year.

Based on member feedback and the current socio-economic climate, our thesis for the year is “Knowledge Mobility”. We will increasingly be faced with the challenge how to move knowledge forward to stay informed, whilst ensuring not to receive and spread lies. Last year it became clear that when we pass on homogenised information or knowledge it can easily create echo chambers that impede us from having a wide perspective necessary to make informed judgements.

We see the role of THECUBE as a place where knowledge is shared, and most importantly discussed. Some of our Brainplays this year will  continue to take us down a social and political route – discussing the increasing number European countries in which right-wing parties are making electoral gains; and the supposedly changing definition and meaning of truth, amongst others.

This year we are also hosting Making in Transit, which is an exhibition and events series produced by Jennifer Crouch, who is both an artist and a scientist. Her events are examining the interdisciplinary spaces between art and science – with expert speakers from neuroscience, AI, climate science and more joining. Following Jennifer’s residency, our partnership with CSM’s Art&Science department continues in which the students will explore embodiment. Their residency will explore the relationship how the mind and brain are extended into the body and physical world. Once more, there will be elements of both neuroscience and art to the talks and the exhibition.

Finally, we are continuing to host Conscious Cities MeetUps, which talk about the importance of better city and building design that goes above and beyond “smart”.

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ABOUT THECUBE: THECUBE is a workspace and community for those interested in science, technology, and design. We support our space with a diverse menu of events that will add to their knowledge bank both as people and entrepreneurs in the 21st century. We were founded in 2009 as a response to the 2008 crash and have seen more and more the importance of these type of spaces and communities.

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