Welcome Emily Evans!

We are beyond excited about Emily Evans, who has just joined us. She is an anatomist and medical illustrator.  There are many hats to what she does, at Cambridge University she is a Senior Demonstrator of Anatomy, she is also an author and prints beautiful anatomically illustrated wallpaper. Finally, to top it all off she is a member of the Medical Artists’ Association of Great Britain, the Anatomical Society and the Institute of Anatomical Sciences.

The best bit is that she brings with her a human skeleton the THECUBE, which we have now named Wilbur!

We would like to warmly welcome Emily (+Wilbur) to our space and community.


THECUBE London is a coworking space in East London that provides a community for those working in design, technology or science. We curate based on these three sectors, because we are seeing more and more businesses needing the combined assets of those sectors. If we are going to solve problems like climate change we need all three sectors to come together and create ideas and solutions. This also gives our members a tangible opportunity to collaborate on projects together as they often need each other’s skills when pitching for big clients. If you are interested in joining us, come to one of our events to learn more about our space, interests and culture.