Welcome HOMEBOX!

We are excited to have Hedley Smith back at THECUBE once more. Initially one of our first members, Hedley has just launched his new company called HOMEBOX, that helps manage people’s gas and electricity, water, internet and all other home based bills to make moving house super easy.

The two main drivers behind the tech platform was the need for better house bill management, as well as an easier transition for renters. Every time an individual moves place in the UK, they have to start from scratch, finding all new suppliers from energy to internet. This process at times can take up to a month, making it stressful and expensive to move home. With HOMEBOX you can take the service from home to home, so there isn’t a need to change suppliers and reset everything from scratch. HOMEBOX can also help you manage your monthly bills as it recommends who are the best suppliers for your household needs.

It is great to have HOMEBOX as a new member and increasing the amount of companies we have in property technology and IoT.

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